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Take the City’s survey January 28 2021

January 28, 2021 


There is only one request in this newsletter.  Please take the City's Resident Survey and ask for changes in the City's cell antenna policy. 

On Tuesday I met with our new Mayor, Bobbie Singh-Allen, in the park.  Good meeting.  She gets it and is willing to work with us to change the City’s cell antenna policy.

The Mayor recommended that we fill out the City’s Resident Survey to tell them we want changes to the City’s cell antenna policy.  She needs lot of residents to say that.  

There is a link to that survey on the City's site.  Scroll down to where it says, "Resident Survey."  There is room to write in questions 6 and 8.

Ask the City to keep cell antennas away from schools, to provide direct notice to residents of proposed new cell antenna sites and opportunity for input on decisions, to disclose all the exclusions in their insurance policies, and to require companies to use the minimum amount of power necessary for calls and texts.  And whatever else you want.  Be creative and ask the City to also. 

Will you fill in that survey? And ask your neighbors to do it too?  The deadline is Friday, January 29 at midnight. 

This will give the Mayor the political support that she needs to say to the rest of the Council, "Our residents have asked us to change the City's cell antenna policy.  Let's do it."

Last thing:  please email me after you take the survey.  Feel free to send me your comments.  Mark (woo woo wooo woooo! skip this part) a t keepcellantennasaway (woo woo wooo woooo skip this part too) do t org  

Best wishes, 
Mark Graham 

Executive Director
Keep Cell Antennas Away From Our Elk Grove Homes  


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