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Elk Grove approved and pending cell antenna sites

From the City of Elk Grove interactive map showing approved new 4G and 5G cell antenna locations on City owned street lights.  

The map above is as of February 19, 2021. On that page click on the plus (+) button near top left to zoom in. Then put in any address to find it and the nearby City approved cell antennas.

According to the City’s Master License Agreements with AT&T and with Verizon the companies can request the City Manager to add more City light poles to the list of approved cell antenna sites. This is where they can be stopped – we can ask the City Manager not to approve any more new cell antennas near schools. (section 4.2a)

Also, the MLAs both say that new cell antennas must comply with the placement requirements in the Elk Grove Municipal Code, Title 23, Chapter 94. The City can amend 23.94.050 to say no cell antennas within a certain distance of homes (like 300′) and schools (1,500′).

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