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City of Sacramento

My friend Noah led the battle in Sacramento to get the City to protect its residents from the assault of cell antennas. He worked very hard on this for over a year, prompted by the cell antenna right out in front of his sister and brother in law’s house in the pocket neighborhood. Noah’s website for this is

This video shows public comments at the Sacramento City Council meeting of June 25, 2019, including the McMahons and their daughter. It was loud and clear. Crystal clear. The City had failed to protect its residents and it was very urgent that the City take action to reverse course and protect all of its residents from the assault of cell antennas on city streets.

The group’s second appearance before the City Council was on July 23, 2019. The Council clearly did not want to hear what residents had to say and began with a false statement to the effect that they could only listen and could not even briefly respond to the public comments. Many residents spoke and the message was consistent and clear: no cell antennas on city streets.

This page is about Sacramento’s Final Decision on 5G. Read Noah’s account of what went down (selling out to telecom) and how (by excluding the public from even being allowed to comment on the issue, and with secrecy and deception.)

The City of Sacramento is an example of what happens when local government blows off its residents and sacrifices their health and well being, over their objections, for the profits of big corporations. It is politics at its worst. The 5GAwarenessNow website tells the full story.