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TCA 1996 and operation

The 1995 draft of the bill that became the Telecommunications Act of 1996 said that local governments could not regulate the placement, construction, modification or operation of cell antennas. Notice the word “operation”. Think about what that means.

The actual bill that became the Telecommunications Act of 1996 preempted local government regulation of the placement, construction, and modification of cell antennas. It omitted the word “operation”. Obviously this was deliberate. In other words Congress still allows local government to regulate the operation of cell antennas. This page presents the actual quotations from the 1995 draft and the 1996 law with hyperlinks so you can read it and check it. Please do!

Because WordPress chooses to make a block out of every single line of text when I copy and paste from the word processor file I am going to show you screen shots. But you have the links and you can read the originals on the Congress web site.

1995 draft of TCA

1996 final TCA