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What you can do to protect Elk Grove and your city from 4G and 5G

April 25, 2021

The telecoms, through their unscrupulous friends in the California Legislature, are racing to get 4 bills passed: SB 556, AB 537, SB 378 and SB 28. All of these bills would reduce local zoning authority over cell antennas. The first two would be the worst. Now is the time to get involved, save your city and county, save California, and save your behind. Right now local governments can get involved to regulate cell antenna placement and protect us from hazardous cell antenna microwave radiation. These bills would severely weaken that regulatory power.

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Revised January 29, 2021

This website and this entire grassroots campaign, which 3 of us started in February, 2018, is all about protecting the interests of Elk Grove residents from the proliferation of cell antennas on our city streets. This is a public interest campaign. We have had some success in influencing our City’s cell antenna policy, in particular the “front yard rule” (see under “Cell Antenna Policies”) but not enough. They have continued to blow us off. More pressure on them is needed NOW! We continue to advocate with our City Council to keep cell antennas away from Elk Grove homes and schools.

We are the underdogs going up against the telecommunications industry, which is supported by much of corporate America if they weren’t evil and powerful enough. That industry spends $100 million a year lobbying Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). They wrote the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which totally puts profits ahead of people, in particular by allowing the FCC to write their own regulations for what is a “safe” level of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and by saying that states and cities and local governments cannot take action to protect their residents from health and environmental effects. You can read about how the FCC RF guidelines are not even intended to keep you safe, which doesn’t even describe the flaws in the FCC’s RF limits that are there by design. They know the cell tower and cell antenna radiation is dangerous. They know it. And they have written it into law.

In the face of this evil cabal of corporate America we have on our side two absolutely inspired and magnificent organizations: Children’s Health Defense and Environmental Health Trust. You can read about their lawsuits against the FCC and get more details about the CHD lawsuit and the January 25, 2021 oral argument. I encourage you to read this stuff. If we are to win our battle, which is in some ways local (“All politics are local,”, they say) and in some ways national (because of the TCA) it will be largely through the efforts of these two organizations and their inspired leadership and brilliance and total dedication to finding creative ways to solve this problem. I encourage you to subscribe to their newsletters, to share them, and to support them.

Advocacy and our situation in Elk Grove

The unfortunate fact (inconvenient truth) is that the City Council shows very few signs, if any, of even giving a hoot about this issue. They have ignored the entire issue and all of this campaign’s messages for about 17 months or more. But there are 2 new Council Members including a new Mayor. My first impression is that we have a chance due to the fact that the new Mayor is interested in listening to our ideas and doing what is right for the residents of Elk Grove.

Here’s what you can do, how you can get involved and make your voice heard. You can determine how much time you will spend on this.

1. Learn the issue. Although the Empire plans literally 800,000 new cell antennas spread up and down city streets all across the U.S. the corporate mass media almost never mentions the studies showing harmful, hazardous health effects from long term exposure to EMF. Therefore you have to look for it. But you can find it. Check out other sites such as and and

2. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Family members can be the hardest people to reach. Don’t waste time trying to persuade somebody who is committed to believing the industry line. Your time is valuable and don’t let them waste it! Tell a parent of an Elk Grove K-12 student. Share on social media.

3. Volunteer. Recently a team of 4 of us mailed out over 200 post cards to houses in Elk Grove that are about to have a shiny new high tech cell antenna blasting away at them with EMF 24/7. This group worked together well. Too bad most people did not respond. They will get it when the EMF starts.

4. Donate any amount you can. I will put it all to this campaign. It’s been out of pocket since day 1 with minimal donations.

5. Write to the school board and city council. Draft letters you can use are on the page called, “Send letters to school board and City Council

6. Subscribe to our newsletter. There is a page on this site for that.

7. Stay on it! This is a marathon, not a sprint.

8. Finally, we are always open to new ideas. Please feel free to send them. Especially ideas that you are willing to work on 🙂

Mark Graham

Co-Founder of Keep Cell Antennas Away From Our Elk Grove Homes

Other cities have already done the right thing and protected their residents.

The cities of Petaluma and Mill Valley, in response to resident requests (!) have amended their zoning codes to protect all the interests of their residents.  Other cities protecting their residents have included Belvedere, Calabasas, Fairfax, Palos Verdes, San Anselmo, San Rafael and Sonoma City. 

See what other Northern California cities are doing on this issue at


#1. Attend a virtual meeting of the Elk Grove City Council and speak during public comments

WHAT: We are not on the agenda, but email the City Clerk, Jason Lindgren, and ask staff to call you to speak for a maximum of 3 minutes during agenda item 5, public comments on items NOT on the agenda, which is near the beginning of the meeting.

WHEN: the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. and begin any time between then and about 6:45.

WHERE: Online. The Council meetings during the pandemic are virtual. See the City’s website for access (a hyperlink).
Council Chambers located at Elk Grove City Hall, 8400 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758.

WHAT: The Planning Commission and City Council have the same procedures for public comments, but Planning Commission meetings more often begin on time. Please turn in a blue speaker card to speak when the Council and Commission get back to in person meetings.

#2 Spread the news – Forward this page to all your email contacts in the City of Elk Grove and copy and post this message on Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor and other social media.

#3. Stay informed – For more information & updates, join Keep Cell Antennas Away from Our Elk Grove Homes Facebook group and page

#3  Email Mark {at} keepcellantennasaway [dot] org with your questions, comments, suggestions, and offers to help.

Thank you in advance for taking action. Together we are stronger. Together, we can make a difference and protect our communities.


Mark Graham

Co-Founder of Keep Cell Antennas Away From Our Elk Grove Homes