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Write to Mark at (skip this part:  woo woo woooo woooo) keepcellantennasaway dot (skip this part:  woo woo woooo woooo) org

People Power is the key to this and every grassroots campaign.   We are a small group of people in a city of 170,000 people.  Therefore every voice matters.

Do you know how we got the City to pass the “front yard rule” on August 28, 2019?  The new part of the Elk Grove Municipal Code (see the August 28 page) that says the City will not allow a cell antenna immediately adjacent to or across the street from the front yard of any residential dwelling.  We got that through People Power, which was our collective voices all saying the same thing:  keep cell antennas away from our Elk Grove homes!

The staff report for the August 28, 2019 Council meeting said, “Since the submittal of the Project application in early 2018, staff has received written comments from approximately 200 individuals opposing the proposed Zoning Code amendments and MLA.”  (page 4)   Residents asked the City to keep cell antennas away from our Elk Grove homes.

Any way you can tell Elk Grove residents about this issue will add to our People Power and our collective strength.