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Verizon applications

This page has the Verizon cell antenna applications and associated documents (well, the key ones) to date. Scroll down. You can download them.

Verizon Wireless and the City of Elk Grove made an agreement, called a Master License Agreement (MLA), which the City calls C-19-761, on December 11, 2019.

That agreement approved 23 City owned light poles in the public right of way as future sites for new Verizon 4G and 5G cell antennas. To get a permit though Verizon has to file an application.

If any of these is near your home you are in trouble!

You may feel the pulsed, modulated, microwave electromagnetic radiation (EMR) – or simply the radio waves – from 5G in your house. It may give you, as it does to many people, headaches, insomnia, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), fatigue, heart palpitations, and other health effects. It may disrupt your nervous system, your endocrine system, and reproductive system. All of the other Gs (or generations) of cell antennas do this, according to thousands of scientific studies. You can find statements by some of the scientists behind those studies on this website.

Look in the right column (using the Control and F keys together) for “Health effects studies.”

About the applications there are, as of December 6, 2020 (as far as I know) only two of what the City calls applications for “individual site permits” or ISPs. Each one covers multiple antennas. For each antenna Verizon has also filed a map, drawings and photographs. Here they are; first the ISPs and then the corresponding document of maps, drawings, etc.