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Carmel California

Here is the latest news on a Verizon small cell planned for a residential neighborhood, rejected by the city council this week of December 12, 2021. This is a big victory for the residents, for safe technology, for Truth and Justice and for local government listening to the people! Any victory over telecom and cell antennas is a big victory. Notice that some City Council Members said they did not like being bullied by Verizon, which had threatened to sue the city.

Page 1, 18 – front page story

Page 22 – pro-cell tower editorial that also takes a swipe at Smart Meter opponents

Bob Kavner spearheaded the opposition. He is the former CFO of AT&T. (2020 interview)

He didn’t want a cell tower next to his house. 

You can also download that issue of The Carmel Pine Cone from this page.