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AT&T proposed agreement and code amendment

AT&T sent this proposed agreement to Bob Murdoch at the City of Elk Grove on August 20, 2017.

Email-Yergovich to Murdoch re proposed master agmt (08.20.18)

Since then the City Attorney, Jon Hobbs, has been negotiating this proposed agreement with AT&T.  No details are available – and one cannot get a copy of the latest draft agreement through a California Public Records Act request – until the agreement is presented to the Planning Commission.

Related to that, AT&T filed this application for a zoning code amendment with the City of Elk Grove on January 25, 2018.  They call it the “Cingular wireless code amendment” but Cingular and AT&T are partners and notice on page 11 of that pdf file that Vinculums Services LLC which signed the cover letter (Tressa Bader) is an agent of AT&T.

Project Routing EG-18-006 Cingular Code Amendment 3.16.18

In early October, 2018 a key person in the Planning Department said that he expects the staff report on the AT&T application for a zoning code amendment to be presented to the Planning Commission in mid November, 2018.

In other words it is urgent for Elk Grove residents to learn the issues and let the Commission and Council know NOW what you want and do not want.

Fortunately Governor Brown vetoed SB649 on October 15, 2017.

This is a boilerplate agreement.  However we know what AT&T and Verizon want to do to cities and counties.  They had it all described in SB 649 in 2017.  They want to take away the power that cities and counties have always had to determine who can install antennas or towers on public property.  AT&T and Verizon want that power.  They want to be able to determine zoning and land use as they relate to telecommunications policy in cities and counties in California.

SB 649 was a huge telecommunications company power grab.  After every committee meeting AT&T and Verizon added on more and more new terms.
Through SB649 AT&T and Verizon wanted to take control of the permit application and review process, to take that process out of the hands of the City’s elected leaders such as the Planning Commission and City Council.

You can find the full text of SB 649 here:

There were six different sets of amendments to SB649 in the Legislature last year, one after each committee hear.  AT&T and Verizon wrote every single one.

There is more to say about SB649 but not here and now.  An excellent source of complete and accurate information on SB649 is the website of Scientists for Wired Technology.