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Mill Valley ordinance

The City of Mill Valley passed a cell antenna ordinance  in September, 2018 to protect itself and its residents’ interests against the assault of cell antennas.  The City of Elk Grove can and should pass an ordinance similar to this one amending our zoning code.  Any agreements between Elk Grove and any wireless carrier should be consistent with this ordinance.

Here is the final signed version of Mill Valley ordinance 1304 PASSED AND ADOPTED at a regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Mill Valley on this 6th day of September, 2018.  

Download (PDF, 18.16MB)

The ordinance is complicated and long, showing that the staff (City Attorney and others) really did their work on this.  The ordinance has limitations and requirements for:

Order of preference, configuration and location, pages 10-11
Noise, pages 12-13
Location, pages 16-17

20.73.090(F)(4) says, “4. Each pole mounted wireless telecommunications facility must be separated by at least 1,500 feet.”  (Page 17)

According to the staff report regulations contained in the proposed ordinance:

“Limits the location of new or updated wireless facilities to private property within
commercial zoning districts (outside of single family and multi-family residential
districts) and the public right-of-way with an order of preference in terms of
location within commercial areas and configuration aimed toward existing

(page 2 of the staff report)

Configuration preferences are as follows:

  1. Collocation with existing facilities,
  2. Roof-mounted,
  3. Building-mounted,
  4. Mounted on an existing utility pole or a new utility pole that will replace an existing utility pole,
  5. Mounted on a new telecommunication tower

Location preferences are as follows:

  1. Commercial zoning districts (CG, CN, CL, CD),
  2. Public right-of-way within commercial zoning districts,
  3. Public right-of-way within RM zoning districts,
  4. Mounted on a new telecommunication tower.

(page 5 of the staff report)

Here is the agenda for September 6, 2018.

Here is the staff report including the urgency ordinance and 50+ pages of public comments.  107 pages total.  The staff report is the first 14 pages of this pdf file.  The urgency ordinance is pages 15-51.  Public comments are pages 52-107.  Notice that almost everybody was against cell antennas in residential neighborhoods.

Once I have a searchable copy of the final version of the ordinance I will post it here.

More coverage of the Mill Valley action can be found on this page on  It’s very detailed.