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Modena Way

Updated July 18, 2020

Dear Reader,

Residents of Modena Way or any other street in Elk Grove this is for you.

You can submit the following letter via email at any time, even after the meeting on Tuesday night, or through the school board’s public comment page. Feel free to personalize it.

Here’s the link to the July 21, 2020 Board of Trustees meeting.

Dear Reader,

Please send this sample letter to the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Hoffman. Their email addresses are:,,,,,,,,

July 18, 2020

Dear Elk Grove Board of Trustees, Superintendent Hoffman and staff,

My name is (your name) and I live in Elk Grove.

My son / daughter attends (name of the school that your child attends, if any). A school is like a family. Students get more from and give more to their family when they interact with it than when they are on their phones.

I learned recently that the City is considering issuing a permit for 5 cell antennas in Elk Grove, all near public schools. Two of them are AT schools: 8661 Power Inn Road at Monterey Trail High School and 9050 Vicino Drive at Laguna Creek High School. I do not want this to happen to my child’s school. It should not happen to any school.

Having a high powered 4G and 5G cell antenna right next to the school is going to distract the students from their focus on their classes. Students should not be on their cell phones during school. Having more and faster wireless internet access is just going to be a very tempting distraction to students.

Please ask the City to deny the application and to not issue the permits.

One of the City’s options is to limit the hours of operation of the antennas to only the last 1 hour before the start of the school day and the first 1 1/2 hours at the end of the school day. Students could use whatever service is provided without being distracted from their classes or school activities during those times.

The City should not add any more cell antenna sites that are near schools. I ask the Board to communicate these recommendations to the City of Elk Grove as soon as possible.

Finally the teachers union will support you on this. I just learned that the teachers union “authorized EGUSD Admin to utilize our association as a concerned party in any efforts they engage in to rectify or mitigate the proposed placement of the antennas.”

Please speak up for students, for teachers and for schools. Help students stay focused on their school family, education, and real life.

Please respond to this message.

Thank you.

[Your name and address (or street, or just “Elk Grove resident”)]