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Take Action by Tuesday Feb 9 2021

February 8, 2021 


There is only one request in this newsletter.  Please write to the Elk Grove Planning Commission before 4:00 on Tuesday (tomorrow) about:

1.  denying the permit application for Evergreen Springs – TMobile at 8280 Elk Grove Blvd. (9 new cell antennas)
2.  keeping cell antennas away from schools; and 
3.  adopting a template identifying all of the information that the carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) must include in their permit applications and a checklist to guide staff's review of those applications. 

On my website is a draft letter you can personalize and send and the email address of the Planning Commission Secretary.  


A big round of applause to everybody who took the City of Elk Grove's Resident Survey and asked for changes in the City's cell antenna policy.  It looked like there were 31 unique clicks on that City page that contained the survey.  
We have made our wishes known.  Now we will have to continue to pressure the City (in another newsletter) to do the right thing. 

The Elk Grove Planning Commission is meeting on Tuesday, February 9 (tomorrow).  On the agenda is a project by Evergreen Springs – TMobile, a permit application for 9 new cell antennas on top of their events center at 8280 Elk Grove Blvd.  I have already filed comments with the City showing that the application is incomplete.  Therefore the City cannot make the "Findings" in the resolution that staff is asking the Commission to approve.  Therefore the Commission cannot approve the resolution. 

The following is not on the agenda but I have also filed comments with the Commission about the 2 items I mentioned earlier.  

Keeping cell antennas away from schools 

One of the biggest challenges teachers face in the classroom is cell phones. Every high school and middle school student has one and they tend to use them while in school, even during class. Student cell phones distract students, taking their minds and attention away from their teachers and classes, limiting their ability to focus on their studies. Anything that increases student cell phone use at school distracts students, etc. Such as when the City issues a permit for a cell antenna near a school (within 1,500').  

This is an “educational effect” of cell antennas and cell towers.  The City's power to regulate to prevent education effects is preserved by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  There is only one reason the carriers are seeking to place cell antennas near schools – the students.  One high school contains about 2,000 potential life long customers.  By providing faster and better service at school the carriers want to wrap those customers up. 

This is of course a complex problem and there is shared responsibility by: 
  • the students, who can choose to use or not to use their phones during class;
  • the parents, who could train their students not to use their phones during class;
  • the teachers, who can make rules prohibiting students from using phones during class;
  • the school district, which can prohibit the use of phones during class; 
  • the carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) who can choose not to seek permits for cell antennas near schools; and
  • the City, which can amend the Municipal Code to prohibit new cell antennas near schools.
We are asking the City to do its part.  The City can control one part of this problem that no other person or persons can.  When the City continues to issue permits for cell antennas near schools the City is sending a message to students loud and clear:  "Go ahead, use your phones at school.  Use them during class.  We don't care.  It's no skin off of our back."  And it's not.  The City doesn't suffer from their permitting decisions but students, teachers, and the education of the students all suffer.

It will take significant resident pressure to get the Planning Commission to take action on this.

Update on Brandy Vaughan 

In an earlier newsletter I wrote about the death of anti vaccine advocate Brandy Vaughan.   From what I knew at the time it seemed that Big Pharma (the pharmaceutical industry) had murdered her because of her advocacy.  She was very smart, extremely well informed, a brilliant and persuasive public speaker, and a successful organizer and fund raiser for her organization, Learn The Risk.  She was able to manifest the things that she wanted.  She had taken on Big Pharma on the subject of vaccines.  Given the pandemic her work was and is more important than ever.

Recently I found this video. 
Details Regarding the Passing of Brandy Vaughan

After watching it I no longer believe that Big Pharma murdered her.  She had some problem going on, pain in her right side, possibly a gall bladder problem, and she did not go to the hospital for it.  This video is interviews with one of her best friends, Karen Hinds, who has been taking care of her son since she died, and her son's tutor Jada, and her son Bastien.  Adorable boy.  He seems smart as a whip just like she was.  Never vaccinated and perfectly healthy.  

This is a heart breaking story.  It may make you mad.  If you were considering making a donation to Learn The Risk please watch this video first. 

We are a small group of people in a city of 170,000 people, so every person counts.  Your voice counts! 

Who do you know, especially in Elk Grove, that might want to read this newsletter?  Forward it to them and they can subscribe just by emailing me. 

Last thing:  please copy me on your email to the Planning Commission.  

Best wishes, 
Mark Graham 

Executive Director
Keep Cell Antennas Away From Our Elk Grove Homes  


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