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5 ways the code amendment will reduce health effects

The proposed zoning code amendment from the staff, approved by the Planning Commission on July 18, 2019, would reduce the environmental and health effects of radio frequency radiation by reducing or limiting the number of cell antennas in the City in these ways:

1. The fact that the City requires a permit for the installation and operation of a cell antenna
2. The fact that cell antennas are only allowed on existing poles (Attachment 1 to staff
report, page 17, Resolution);
3. The 500’ minimum distance between cell antennas (23.94.050, A.6.a.);
4. The fact that cell antennas are not allowed immediately adjacent to the front yard of a
residential dwelling (23.94.050, A.6.b.); and
5. The discretionary authority of the Zoning Administrator to grant or deny a permit
application in a residential zone. (probably Table 23-27.1, page 23 of staff report, Exhibit
B, Proposed Amendment to Title 23, page 3)

The Commission implicitly acknowledged, by approving this code amendment, that the City has the power to regulate cell antennas in ways that reduce EMF (or EMR) health effects.
Now the Council needs to explicitly acknowledge that and do a better job of it.

Here is the agenda for the Planning Commission meeting. Item 5.2 is this 4G and 5G cell antenna item.