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November 3 2020 election page

Here are the Keep Cell Antennas Away endorsements
for Mayor, City Council and Elk Grove Unified Board of Education

Trustee, Trustee Area 3, Elk Grove Unified School District (the Board of Education)

Bobby Roy, candidate for Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Education

We endorse Bobby Roy for this seat. 
The author wrote to Bobby Roy on October 22, informed him of the City’s deals with AT&T and Verizon to approve new cell antennas near 7 different public schools (possibly many more to be approved in the future) and asked Mr. Roy his position on the issue.  Mr. Roy’s reply email, only 2 days later, speaks for itself. 

“Dear Mr. Graham:
Thank you for contacting me regarding new 4G and 5G cell antennas near schools. I apologize for the delay in my response. 

Yes, I will oppose new cell antennas near schools and be a strong advocate for students and schools. I believe the purpose of education is wellness, and the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of our students is incredibly important to me.
The advocacy you are doing is appreciated. This is an area I had heard very little about, so I looked at the website and links you shared, and watched the talk from Dr. Moskowitz from last month. I will definitely look further into this as well, as I plan to be responsive to the values, beliefs, and priorities of the community.
I hope this information is useful to you.”

(End of quotations.)

This is just the position we want a school board member to take!  The author followed up by email, asking Mr. Roy to put this position on his website and mention it in any debates that were going to happen between the candidates.  There aren’t going to be any last minute debates but Bobby Roy actually put his position opposing new cell antennas near schools on his website

His platform page (the previous hyperlink) says as of November 2, among other things:

“Also, I will oppose new cell antennas near schools and be a strong advocate for students and schools.”

This is an excellent response. With a platform like that and the responsivenes to a voter inquiry about his platform and even willingness to put his position on his website that is about all you can ask from a political candidate.

For these reasons we endorse Bobby Roy for school board. Good luck Bobby!

You can write to Bobby Roy at

Lynn Wheat is running for City Council in District 3.  We endorse Lynn for this seat.

Lynn’s campaign slogan is “Working For You” and she has already done that, as a resident and advocate, for many years. 

Lynn has been going to City Council meetings, reading long detailed planning documents such as the General Plan Update, and offering many comments to the Council and staff for years.  Her public comments in person at Council meetings are marked by her sense of humor (she once gave a chunk of asphalt to the Council as a reminder of the need to maintain roads and once held up a large “Mellow Ruse” sign, a reference to the fees that developers pay for new subdivisions.) 

Lynn has written to the City Council and Board of Education to support no more new cell antennas near schools and has written the Council to keep cell antennas away from our Elk Grove homes. 

Having Lynn on the City Council would be like having a real member of the community on the Council; not owned by any large contributors.  Her agenda really is doing what’s best for the residents of Elk Grove.  She understands.  She will be a Council Member who will listen and really hear us.

You can write to Lynn through her facebook page,

Mayor Steve Ly

We endorse Steve Ly for re-election to another term as Mayor of Elk Grove.

Mayor Steve Ly has been far and away the strongest supporter on the City Council of our grassroots campaign to keep cell antennas away from our Elk Grove homes.  He has been willing to work for the people on this issue when his colleagues on the Council (Council Members Detrick, Suen, Nguyen and Hume) have been uninterested.  Mayor Ly also participated in the Symposium on 5G, EMF and Your Health that the author organized last June.  He and Supervisor Don Nottoli were the moderators and they asked the audience members’ questions to the panelists. 

Mayor Ly and the author have had numerous conversations about this issue.  He has given the auhor advice on how to more effectively advocate for it.  And so on.  Besides the author finds him to be a friendly guy and a man of integrity. 

Although Mayor Ly has not taken a position on more new cell antennas near schools, based on his track record we believe he is likely to oppose them.  He is more likely than any of the other current City Council members to oppose them.

You can reach Steve Ly through his facebook page, or his email

There is another school board seat up for election – Trustee, Trustee Area 1, Elk Grove Unified School District

Regina Banks for Trustee Area 1, Elk Grove Unified

There are 2 candidates for this school board seat:  Regina Q. Banks and Tony Perez.

We would have liked to endorse Regina Banks. Her statement of her reasons for running and her background and experience sound like she is qualified and has the interests of the community as her priorities. We never heard back from Ms. Banks and so the best we can say is that we almost endorse her.
This campaign has sent seven (7) emails to Ms. Banks asking her position on the issue of new 4G and 5G cell antennas near schools.  Although one of her staff responded after about the 5th message and said that he would raise the issue with Ms. Banks she has never responded.  Therefore we cannot endorse her.  We are not opposed to her either.  It’s a shame because her website is encouraging.  Here is one paragraph from it: 

“She has worked in policy and budget analysis as both the Legislative Director for a Southern California Assembly member and Legislative Director for consumer interests for several years. She has first-hand experience of the systemic and systematic use of power systems to reinforce discriminatory and damaging status quos and she has spent her professional career fighting against them.”

You can reach Regina at