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Take Action: Stop SB 556

Image of cell tower and EMF
June 7, 2021

Dear reader,

Two bills written by and for the telecommunications industry, SB 556 and SB 378, have been assigned to the Local Government  Committee in the Assembly. The bills are on the move and we need to get after them!!!  Please make the emails and calls
now through June 9 at 1:30.
Please forward this message to other Californians and then call them to follow up.

People power (many people speaking up) gets the attention of legislators.  Thank you!

Mark Graham
Keep Cell Antennas Away


Please follow the easy steps below to call and email the members of the Assembly Local Government Committee.

All calls and emails need to be done ASAP because the bills are on the agenda. Call any time and leave a voicemail if after hours.  
  • STEP ONEEMAIL – We need EVERYONE to send one group email to all 8 Assemblymembers listed below. Copy and paste all of the email addresses below into the To line of your email and then paste in the sample email text into the body of the email. Personalize your message by saying briefly what this issue means to you.  Add your name at the end and send!  
  • STEP TWOCONSTITUENT CALL– If any of the Assemblymembers listed below is your Assemblymember, we need you to call their office ASAP using the script below.  Be sure to tell them you are a constituent. (If your Assemblymember is not on the list, go to step #3.)  Find your Assemblymember on this page

    **Scroll to the very end of this message for a list of Assemblymember phone numbers.**
  • STEP THREECOMMITTEE CALL– We need EVERYONE to call any and all of the officials listed below using the script, especially the Chair of this committee, Cecilia M. Aguiar-Curry.  Make as many calls as you can. **Scroll to the very end of this message for a list of Assemblymember phone numbers.**
Email subject: Urgent: Read Before Voting on SB 556 and SB 378
To the Members of the Assembly Local Government Committee,
My name is ____________________ [your name] and I live in _____________ [your city],   It is urgent that you vote NO on SB 556 and SB 378 or on any legislation that restricts local control over the placement of cell antennas.  Local control must be maintained.

[Say briefly why this issue is meaningful to you or something about your family or occupation.] 
If you vote to pass this bill you will be giving your power away to telecom, giving them control over all of the municipalities in your district.  You will authorize the placement of cell antennas on city street light poles, utility poles and traffic signals.  You will override all conflicting local zoning codes. 

The result will be hundreds of cell towers being placed in front of our homes and on the easements of our property all over California. According to thousands of scientific studies
long term exposure to cell tower / cell antenna radiation (electromagnetic fields or EMF) causes many serious health effects. These include headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, fatigue, DNA damage and cancer. The industry knows this. The industry controls the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). FCC’s EMF regulations are outdated (1996) and way too high and not even intended to prevent these health effects.

Keeping local control will allow municipalities in your district to choose what is best based on the true needs of each community.   

I am asking the Members of the Assembly Local Government Committee to do what is right by keeping local control and voting NO on SB 556 and SB 378.
Best regards,
Your name 

SAMPLE SCRIPT – (Phone numbers of committee members listed below.)  

My name is __________________ . It is urgent that Assemblymember _________________ vote NO on SB 556 and SB 378.  I do NOT want a cell antenna on the city street light pole in front of my home.  The digital divide is about money and cannot be solved with more cell antennas.  Local control must be maintained. 
Thank you.

Cecilia M. Aguiar-Curry (Chair), Dem – 04.  (916) 319-2004
Tom Lackey (Vice Chair), Rep – 36.  (916) 319-2036
Richard Bloom, Dem – 50.  (916) 319-2050
Tasha Boerner Horvath, Dem – 76.  (916) 319-2076
James C. Ramos, Dem – 40.  (916) 319-2040
Luz M. Rivas, Dem – 39.  (916) 319-2039 
Robert Rivas, Dem – 30.  (916) 319-2030
Randy Voepel, Rep – 71.  (916) 319-2071,,,,,,,,

On your email please bcc

Here is the link to the bill to view hearing details. Please know they can change this at any point.   Click on “Show details” to see the list of bills on the agenda.

Among the problems with SB 556, aside from the fact that it won’t close the digital divide, are:

  • Local governments are responsible for the health, safety and well being of residents and this bill eliminates the essential permitting processes by local governments.
  • Local governments must make sure antennas comply with state and federal rules
  • Antennas may not comply with ADA and Fair Housing rules. People who are EMF- disabled can be discriminated against by antenna placement and blocked from the right of way, their homes and essential services.
  • Antennas reduce property value and tax revenue
  • Cities are not protected from fire and other safety risks,  Telecom Carriers have no insurance for injuries caused by exposure to cell antenna microwave radiation. 
  • You can’t easily unbuild telecom towers and antennas. 


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