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What you can do

September 14, 2020

Thank you for your interest. We are working hard to keep cell antennas away from Elk Grove homes and schools. We could really use some volunteers. Will you join us? A couple of hard core, dedicated volunteers could double the effect this campaign is having. You might even enjoy it!

You can subscribe to our newsletter. The newsletters, which are 1-2 times a month, always have an action or 2 that you can take. Currently we are working on getting the Elk Grove Unified School District to take a position opposed to new cell antennas near schools, and to convey that to the City. We have proposed a resolution for the school board to consider and adopt. It’s under “school board resolution”.

Read recent newsletters, which you can find under posts and under archives (scroll down on the right side of this website), for sample letters you can send and instructions. Even if you don’t send it in time for a given school board meeting, writing to the Trustees (board members) at any time is good.

What you can do in general is:

Learn about the issue, not only health effects of EMF but also the permitting and regulatory process.

Come up with specific recommendations and requests to the city (some ideas are on this site and we are always open to new ideas).

Contact other residents of the City to get them involved.

Stay on it! This is a marathon, not a sprint.
This website has many ideas for how you can do that. For more info please contact the author of this website through the contact info shown at the top right.

Thank you for getting involved and good luck!


Elk Grove residents,

What you can do to affect the City’s decision on cell antennas (aka 4G and 5G) is tell the City Council and school board what you want and do not want on this issue. A sample message to the City Council follows. See recent newsletters for sample messages to the school board.

Thank you for speaking up. Together we are stronger. Together we can make a difference and protect our community.

Mark Graham

Co-Founder of Keep Cell Antennas Away From Our Elk Grove Homes


Elk Grove City Clerk Jason Lindgren (for the City Council) at

Will you copy me (or bcc) on your email to the City Clerk? Mark at keepcellantennasawayfromourelkgrovehomes dot org

Mr. Lindgren, Elk Grove City Council, and staff,

As an Elk Grove resident I respectfully ask you to preserve the character and quality of life of our City by keeping cell antennas out of residential neighborhoods and away from parks and schools.  Bring SafeG – A Safe Alternative to Harmful 5G Wireless – to Elk Grove!
Thousands of scientific studies over many years show that long term exposure to electromagnetic radiation causes several serious health impacts including DNA damage, cancer, immune and nervous system disorders, and structural and functional changes of the reproductive system.  Many people have experienced headaches, insomnia, tinnitus, heart palpitations from EMF exposure.
Amend the municipal code to require a minimum distance of 1,500′ between any new cell antenna and a school and 500′ between a new cell antenna and a home. Require twice annual random testing to ensure compliance with the FCC RF limits, paid for by the applicant and done by an independent company hired by the City. Provide full notice to all residents within 500′ of a proposed or approved City light pole cell antenna site. Notice to be by U.S. mail and to include a full description of the permit application and review process, the criteria or elements the City looks for in reviewing an application, opportunity for residents to have input on application review and a contact person at the City. Do not amend or supplement the list of approved new cell antenna sites in Exhibit A of the Master License Agreement by adding any new sites within 1,500′ of a school or 500′ of a residence. Require the applicant to pay the City to hire an independent expert (who does not work for the applicant or other telecommunications companies as an employee or contractor) to review applications, RF emissions reports, and proposals by both residents and wireless companies. Require the City Attorney to fully brief the City Council at a regular Council meeting on the full extent and scope of the City’s regulatory powers over cell antennas, including without limitation the City’s power to limit the number of cell antennas, their proximity to homes, and to regulate cell antenna placement, construction and modification to prevent harmful effects on education.
Please continue to inform residents of developments on this issue and ask our opinion!
Please respond to this message.
Thank you.

[Your name and address]


5G is the next generation of wireless technology.  The G stands for generation.  The purpose of 5G is to sell more data. The more data you use, the higher your cell phone bill.

5G is to be used for streaming and downloading videos at faster speeds and for continuous “connectivity” of thousands of unnecessary electronic gadgets.   5G is not needed for text messages or phone calls.


These powerful new 4G and 5G cell antennas will adversely affect our health, reduce house values, and be an eyesore. Where they are near schools they will distract students from their classes and extracurricular activities and cause students to become addicted to constant cell phone use. This is what the companies want.

4G microwave radiation is powerful and hazardous. 5G will be even more so. With 5G you get your data faster but you also get your health effects faster.

Elk Grove does not need these cell antennas. There is already good cell phone coverage in Elk Grove.

There have been literally thousands of studies on the health impacts of long term exposure to non-ionizing radiation, the kind cell antennas produce. See “Health effects studies” on this site.

The World Health Organization, International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO – IARC) determined in 2011 that such radiation is a Category 2B possible human carcinogen, in the same category as lead and DDT.

The U.S. National Toxicology Program study published in 2018, a $25 million, 19 year study, the biggest and most complete of its kind, found that cell phone radiation caused cancer tumors of the brain and heart in rats.

Over 240 scientists signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal starting in May, 2015.

Based on their research, the scientists say that long-term exposure to non-ionizing radiation causes increased risk of cancer, genetic damages, cardiovascular problems, abnormal brain function, impaired fertility, memory deficits, headaches, insomnia, confusion, weakness, and structural and functional changes to the reproductive system.


5G cell antennas use waves of higher frequency and shorter wavelength.  With 5G you get your data much faster but you also get your health effects much faster. 

These cell antennas are sometimes 48” high by 14.6” in diameter. A better name for them is Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antenna – Wireless Telecommunication Facilities (CPMRA-WTFs).

According to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam a 5G cell antenna has a range of greater than 2,000’. See “Range of a 5G cell antenna” on this site.


Last fall FCC Commissioner Branden Carr said in South Dakota that 5G is safe but he did not provide any basis for that. U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Representative Anna Eshoo (D-CA) wrote to Commissioner Carr asking for the FCC’s determination that these cell antennas are safe and for the scientific studies that informed that determination. Carr wrote back and failed to do that. Then at a February 6, 2019 hearing of the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee Sen. Blumenthal asked the wireless industry representatives how many studies they have done, are doing, or have committed to doing on the health and safety of 5G cell antennas and how much money they are spending on those studies. The industry representatives’ answer was: ZERO. See the page called “Senator Blumenthal 5G letter to FCC.”

Other cities have already done the right thing and protected their residents.

The cities of Petaluma and Mill Valley, in response to resident requests (!) have amended their zoning codes to protect all the interests of their residents.  Other cities protecting their residents have included Belvedere, Calabasas, Fairfax, Palos Verdes, San Anselmo, San Rafael and Sonoma City. 

See what other Northern California cities are doing on this issue at


#1.  Donate!  We are running ads on Facebook, which can be effective, but they cost money every day!  With more ad money we could reach more people.  Please contact us to donate.  We really appreciate it! 

#2. Attend a virtual meeting of the Elk Grove City Council and speak during public comments

WHAT: We are not on the agenda, but email the City Clerk, Jason Lindgren, and ask staff to call you to speak for a maximum of 3 minutes during agenda item 5, public comments on items NOT on the agenda, which is near the beginning of the meeting.

WHEN: the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. and begin any time between then and about 6:45.

WHERE: Online. The Council meetings during the pandemic are virtual. See the City’s website for access (a hyperlink).
Council Chambers located at Elk Grove City Hall, 8400 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758.

WHAT: The Planning Commission and City Council have the same procedures for public comments, but Planning Commission meetings more often begin on time. Please turn in a blue speaker card to speak when the Council and Commission get back to in person meetings.

#3 Contact the school board and any parents of students in the EGUSD schools that you know. Sample letters are in recent newsletters, which you can find under archives or recent posts.

#4. Spread the news – Forward this page to all your email contacts in the City of Elk Grove and copy and post this message on Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor and other social media.

#5. Stay informed – For more information & updates, join Keep Cell Antennas Away from Our Elk Grove Homes Facebook group and page

#6  Email Mark {at} keepcellantennasaway [dot] org with your questions, comments, suggestions, and offers to help.

It is vitally important that as many Elk Grove residents as possible email City Council members – and attend City Council meetings – to oppose these 4G and 5G cell antennas.

Thank you in advance for taking action. Together we are stronger. Together, we can make a difference and protect our communities.


Mark Graham

Co-Founder of Keep Cell Antennas Away From Our Elk Grove Homes