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How the City should amend the zoning code

The Council should keep all of the restrictions and limitations on the number of cell antennas in the City that are in the proposed zoning code amendment. It should also add more, to further reduce or limit the environmental and health effects. For example it should at least:

#1 Allow cell antennas to be located in commercial and industrial zones only.

#2 Require a minimum distance of at least 1,500′ between any two cell antennas.

#3 Limit the operation of a cell antenna to no more than 150 microwatts per square meter at the closest points where people are likely to be.
(Enforced by sensors with automatic shut off. Charge fines for exceeding this power density limit.)

#4 Require applicants to demonstrate that a given proposed cell antenna will:
Close a significant gap in coverage
Do so using the least intrusive means
(MetroPCS, Inc. v. City & County of San Francisco (9th Cir. 2005) 400 F.3d 715.)

#5 Require applicants to pay the City to hire a legitimate expert to review applications, proposals, etc. and advise the City on technological and policy options.

#6 Require warning signs at eye level on every pole that has a cell antenna.
(Saying the cell antenna on this pole produces electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and that the California Department of Public Health has issued recommendations for reducing one’s exposure to EMR.)