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People Power is the key to this and every grassroots campaign.  Your voice and your opinion matter.  Your voice and opinion can make a difference.  Elected officials are, to some extent or other depending on the person, persuaded by sincere requests by polite, well informed constituents.  You don’t have to know the issue inside and out.  It’s a simple issue when you boil it all down, because the basic request is for the City to keep cell antennas away from our Elk Grove homes.  As to how to do that, there are many ways.

Even though our City Council voted on August 28 and then September 11, 2019 to amend the zoning code (part of the Elk Grove Municipal Code) by adding new provisions for cell antenna permitting there is still more to do.  For example the Council has not yet required the wireless companies to file a NEPA checklist for each cell antenna application.  We also want the City to adopt a cell phone right to know ordinance like the City of Berkeley.  Those issues are presented on separate pages on this website.

The point is that yes, please contact us if you want to know more or get involved in any way, whether it is writing an email to the City Council, attending meetings, or being involved in outreach to other residents.  Other ways to be involved are to circulate a petition and to post messages on social media.  Any way of telling people, telling Elk Grove residents especially, about this will help.

To contact us write to Mark at (skip this part:  woo woo woooo woooo) keepcellantennasawayfromourElkGrovehomes dot org

Hopefully you can decipher that.