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Letters to candidates

Even if you voted, or if you didn’t vote, and even if you are reading this weeks after the November 3, 2020 election it is valuable to let all of these political candidates or politicians know where you stand, what you want and do not want regarding cell antennas (and all of the other issues).

There is one draft letter to all City Council candidates, whether they won or lost, and another to Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) Board of Education (school board) candidates, whether they won or lost. The link to those draft letters is at the bottom of this page.

Personalizing your letter by saying how long you have lived in Elk Grove, what schools your children attend, etc. can make your letter stand out. It’s not just another copy of a form letter.

Also, if you will copy me (cc or bcc) on your letter I’ll appreciate it. If the candidate or politician responds to you please send a copy of that response as I’d love to see it.

Draft letter to all City Council candidates:

These include Mayor Steve Ly, Bobbie Singh-Allen, Brian Pastor, Darren Suen, Ali Moua, Lynn Wheat, Kevin Spease, Maureen Craft, Alejandro Gutierrez-Duncan, and Amandeep Singh.

In my opinion individual emails are best. If you want to send fewer emails I recommend individual emails to the candidates who got elected or re-elected and a group email (using bcc) to all the other candidates. You might want to say congratulations on your election / re-election or, if they lost, thank them for their campaign for Mayor or City Council or Board of Education. In your email to Bobby Roy (assuming he wins, but either way) I recommend thanking him for taking a position opposed to new cell antennas near schools.

Their contact info is:

Here are the emails for the school board members we endorse.

Draft letters to City Council members (candidates too) and school board members (candidates too) are on this page:

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